Over  and  over  men  we  bread

All with love but  fate widespread

Some chose hate;  as hate they chose ,

Taking the world in their terror groove

This  meaningless killing

This useless hatred .

The  mother’s   are  wailing ,

But all in vain .

OH GOD ! OH GOD ! , why is this world so insane?

and all is done lord,  in your name.

We reached the moon and far beyond

Yet here on earth where love has gone????

The big space sea; we travel and explore

The sky was the limit, but now, we want more and more.

Mother earth is crying;   crying out now

She wants to give more but can’t think how.

This is our chance, to make our own fate

Fill your hearts with love  as destiny  awaits.

For you;  who does not fear god.

Does not believe in love,  care,  tenderness and all.

Think to what end your deeds will go, if there is no mother anymore?????




Writen by Seema Chaudhry.

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