Guide To All Budding Writers.

The most important thing for a writer is to communicate through his/her writing, In order to build readership one has to employ certain strategies to sustain the readers interest. To do this, one needs to think out of the box and grab hold of the readers attention right from the start and sustain it till the end.

To start one should be well informed and fully confident of whatever theme or subject one chooses to write about. Keeping in mind the readership. While writing the central theme has to be intact, leading one paragraph to another till the conclusion. However, it is also important to not be rigid and let the topic flow and intermingle with related aspects giving enough material to develop the theme yet not sounding repetitious or monotonous.

At the same time cautiously keeping away from “thematic greed”.

Once you are confident about the theme look for a catchy opening ; the opening is the hook of your piece. The opening paragraph or pages  will decide, if the reader reads your work or shuts it out. The reader has to find the opening exciting and intriguing; a perfect beginning according to me would be, with the use of wit and humor yet coming straight to the point about the issue at hand, in the opening itself.

The keyword is “INVOLVE” .

In order to retain the readers attention the writing has to, according to me take the reader along and leave them with a satisfying conclusion, towards the ideas, events, opinions or emotions that may have been evoked.

Endings are equally important as they are the final contact with the reader, the last chance to make a lasting impression. Hence it needs to be carefully thought out and must be well crafted showing why the topic is important and why the information significant.

With a confident theme, a good beginning and a well crafted conclusion the task is set to put and hold the piece together in the middle. Every sentence and every paragraph should be leading to the end, developing the piece for what happens in the conclusion; how and why.

In the end I would like to say, use these strategies but approach your work with your heart keeping in mind that the task of a writer is to communicate and if done honestly the outcome will always be good maybe even GREAT!!!

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